Because Mainland China is a heavily regulated country with a huge, world-famous firewall known as the “Great Wall”, all Internet traffic to and from Mainland China is censored. Because of the “Great Wall”, it is not possible to access Google or use common social networking programs such as “facebook” and “X” in Mainland China. Meanwhile, it is illegal for Mainland China residents to use VPNs.
Since purchasing a cell phone card in Mainland China is based on a very strict real-name system, and since it is not common for foreigners to travel to China, the idea of purchasing a local cell phone card is unrealistic, whether you are traveling to Mainland China for business or pleasure. It is important to have a good access to the Internet before entering China.
One of Li Ka Shing’s mobile operators in Hong Kong offers a 3HK DIY prepaid eSIM, just register by email on the official website, pay and receive an activation email, scan the QR code in the email, and you will be able to install the 3HK eSIM.
The recommended package is the 365 days 45G package. During the activation process, the official website prompts you to ignore the real name registration, just skip it. Because the real name registration is for Hong Kong local requirements. Since it is only used in Mainland China, there is no need to register your real name.
Without a real name, the card cannot be used locally in Hong Kong. If you want to use the card locally, you need to register your real name.
For security reasons, you can use 3HK DIY with your VPN on your phone, but of course, you should use your own VPN, not 3HK’s. 3HK is a Hong Kong company, so it’s better to use a VPN provider outside of Hong Kong.
Special Note: Mainland China is a strictly regulated country with strict laws and regulations, so if you are using your cell phone to surf the internet there, you should abide by the local laws to avoid any unnecessary disasters.

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